Being alive is fun

We had an absolute blast playing at Brite Winter Fest. It was very inspiring being around people who love Cleveland and see all the potential that it has. As Clevelanders, we were especially riled up and excited for the event, and it was so satisfying to see it all come to fruition. Playing at Bon Bon was a very unique experience with all the excited festival goers right up in our faces, bobbing their heads and moving to our music; I couldn’t remember a show like that one in the recent past. Whoever was running the sound did a fantastic job, and any musician or person who’s ever performed on a stage knows, good sound usually means a good night. 

Thanks to everyone who watched us perform and consequently checked us out afterward, we pay attention to that “like” number, and it was nice to see it pop up a little bit! It’s amazing to see people’s reactions to our music and know just by their faces that we are doing something right. Just to hear the stomping of feet on hard wood, or the echo of clapping hands, creates an indistinguishable feeling of excitement that fuels the urge to keep on writing and playing. 

Please stay tuned in to this site, our facebook, twitter, etc… for future exciting news! We’re getting ready to get some of these new songs down, and we can’t wait for you all to hear them!


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